Où les acheter?

Domaines and Wineries

People living in the canton and nearby are in the habit of going directly to the wine producers, thanks to their proximity, with country and city so close to each other.

They can taste and buy the new vintage starting in April, as a rule, as well as try the domain’s complete range of specialties, some of which are available only at the winery.

Domains open their cellars at least once a week, on Saturday morning. Outside harvest time, these open hours let visitors get to know the producers, who can take the time to explain how they work and to present their wines.



Geneva wines are available at the following specialized businesses

Thierry Desbaillet
Rue du Pré-Salomon 7, Satigny
Tel : 022 566 06 64

Les Caves Blavignac

Enseigne présente dans différents commerciaux

Bignens Vins

Centres commerciaux de Balexert et Planète Charmilles, Magasin de Carouge, Les Eaux-Vives, Plan-les-Ouates et Vésenaz.


Rue de Coutance 3 bis

Le Caveau de Bacchus

Cours de Rive 5

Les grands magasins

Coop, Globus et surtout Manor.

Les points de vente du Cercle des Agriculteurs de Genève (CAG)

La Pallanterie, 14 route de Compois à Meinier (tél. +41227524471)
Rue des Sablières 15 à Meyrin-Satigny (tél. +41223411055)
1 chemin des Cornaches à Bernex (tél +41228509160).
Très large assortiment disponible.



Several restaurants, including some of the world’s finest, offer Geneva wines on their menus and wine cards. You will also find them at restaurants that focus on local products, which are listed under the label


German-speaking Switzerland

Geneva wines are not common in supermarkets here because of the small production sizes for some and the relative newness of the appellation, which is not yet well known in German-speaking Switzerland. There are a few exceptions, one of which is the well-known Baccarat from Cave de Genève. The offer is being expanded regularly and several notable products are beginning to appear in specialty shops.

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