Label GRTA

1. GRTA Products

The GRTA guarantee mark brings together farmers from all sectors: grains and oilseeds, market gardening, viticulture, arboriculture, horticulture and apiculture, but also cattle, goat, pig, sheep, bison and poultry breeders. There are also many processors such as butchers or bakers.

The GRTA offer is characterized by a wide range of products:

  • Seasonal vegetables (tomato, squash, bean, cardoon, ...)
  • Fruits, berries (apple, pear, strawberry, raspberry, ...)
  • Meat products (beef, pork, bison, ...)
  • Dairy products (milk, cheese, yoghurt, ...)
  • Aromatic herbs (basil, mint, coriander, ...)
  • Drinks (apple juice, grape juice, wine, ...)
  • Other products (honey, jam, oil, flour, blinis, ...)
  • Flowers and plants (tulip, orchid, ...)

The distribution channels are very diverse and the consumer can access GRTA products from the supermarkets, wholesalers, markets, collective / private restaurants or directly on the farm.

For more information, see the product leaflet and values from field to plate.

2. Certification process

For institutions wishing to obtain the GRTA label, the certification process is as follows:

1. To obtain certification of products (raw, processed and / or marketed), the business or farm must file a registration form with the Directorate-General for Agriculture).

Where the application concerns processed products, a data sheet should be attached to the file when Of the registration.

When the products are processed through an intermediary, a declaration annex will need to be completed.

2. After a favorable decision by the Technical Commission, the user receives a certificate , whose validity is limited, identifying its products as GRTA certified.

Want to obtain GRTA certification?

3. Instructions

The Directorate-General for Agriculture has drawn up guidelines summarizing the requirements of the "Geneva Region - Terre Avenir" GRTA.

Specific guidelines for each category of certified products have been put in place, enabling the trademark holder to ensure compliance with the rules for the use of GRTA-certified products.

a) General Directive GRTA

The aim of the general GRTA directive is to establish rules for the use of the mark at all levels of the production, processing, distribution and consumption chain. It also describes the conditions to be fulfilled for the use of the guarantee mark and its certification, the brand management bodies, the procedures, the traceability requirements and the control and certification processes.

For more information, see the «General GRTA Directive»:

b) Specific guidelines

Consult the specific instructions for each GRTA-certified product:

4. Product labeling

As a token of transparency, the labeling of the product informs consumers about the type of production, the method of production, the name of the producer or processor and, as far as possible, variety or breed. The farms and undertakings benefiting from the GRTA certification undertake to use the GRTA mark in their communications, business papers and on the packaging and labels of the products in accordance with the principles laid down in the Directive on labeling and graphic use Geneva Region - Terre Avenir ".

Exemple étiquetage

Example of product labels

The indication "Product certified by the ICO" is directly under the guarantee mark. For more information, see "Guidelines for Labeling and Graphic Usage"

5. Controls

The holder of the guarantee mark carries out checks at all levels of the chain and ensures compliance with the requirements of the general GRTA directive.





Control of places of production

Control of places of processing

The GRTA logo is placed on the packaging of all certified products

Terms of public and private catering

Compliance with production standards

Verification of GRTA inputs


Identification of products with the GRTA logo

Physical separation of material flows


To this end, it mandates an independent accredited body to carry out and monitor certification and renewal checks.

6. Sanctions

In the event of non-compliance with the Directives, sanctions are provided for in the GRTA Sanctions Directive.

7. Contacts

For further information, please contact the Directorate-General for Agriculture:

Direction générale de l'agriculture
Ch. du Pont-du-Centenaire 109
1228 Plan-les-Ouates
Tel. : 022 388 71 71
Fax : 022 388 71 40